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Loan Against Card swipes

(EDC machine)

Trader Loan

Raising capital for small and medium businesses has become much easier with Fundmytra. Businesses today have been shifting to digital modes of payment with debit and credit cards and helping in digitizing the transactions. And it is now possible for you to avail loans based on these transactions that you make on your swiping machines even if you are a small retail store owner or running a restaurant. These digital transactions can be the instruments for you to avail working capital to expand your operations and to achieve short term business growth.

Eligibility criteria and Documentation

  1. Minimum history of business operations of 2 years.
  2. Minimum one year of swipe machine usage.
  3. Average monthly card sales of Rs.2 lacs per month.
  4. Business GST certificate.
  5. Business PAN Card.
  6. Residential and Business address proof.

Features and Benefits

  1. 100% online loan application.
  2. Quick approval.
  3. Disbursement to bank account within 5 days of application.
  4. Daily loan repayments.
  5. Loan tenure from 6 months to 24 months.

FAQs - Trader Finance

1. My sales are completely through my online website. Can I get a Trader loan?
Yes, both E-Commerce Store owners and retail shops using digital payment gateways and swiping machine can avail trader loan.

2. How much loan can I get?
We provide trader loan starting Rs.2,00,000/-.

3. What is the maximum loan I can get?
We offer trader loans to small and medium businesses and the loan amount is calculated based on the business performance and few other criteria.

4. How will the loan amount be disbursed?
We disburse loan amount either through NEFT/RTGS or Cheque at your convenience.

5. Can I pre close my loan?
You have an option to pre-close your alone without any penal charges at any stage.


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